autism1 in 68.  That is the terrifying statistic the CDC shared recently. 1 in every 68 children in America is diagnosed with Autism every year. It affects 1 in 54 boys. It affects my son, Myles. When he was diagnosed at the age of two, my family floundered. We were reeling – emotionally, financially, socially. We weren’t sure where to turn or how to get help. The support and guidance of amazing parents raising children with Autism helped us tremendously. As did competent, compassionate medical and therapy professionals. Our experience compelled me to help other people, as my family had been helped. I started the Myles-A-Part Foundation to provide financial and emotional support for Georgia families living with Autism. We can’t help everybody, but we can help some, and it is our privilege to do just that!

Doing Our Part,
Tina Dula
Founder & Executive Director